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Design Across Media
Share high-fidelity print content across the Web and in Flash format — no additional purchase, no coding required!

Design and Output SWF (Flash®) Directly from QuarkXPress
Modern Intuitive Interface
Designer-Driven Typography
Work Faster and Smarter
Page-layout professionals can create rich Flash projects — without compromising design — using the built-in Flash authoring capabilities included in every edition of QuarkXPress® 8.

Working in the same, familiar print environment of QuarkXPress 8, you can take existing print jobs to Flash, or create new Flash projects, in minutes — no additional purchase or coding required! Interactive design in QuarkXPress 8 includes support for all of the new typographic features, the improved illustration (pen) tool set, full integration with Item Styles and other features, and support for more than 30 languages, including East Asian scripts. No other page-layout application gives you such advanced design capabilities that you can apply directly and easily to Flash design!
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Publish Globally
Design Accross Media
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System Requirements
At a glance
Use built-in Flash (SWF) creation, conversion, and export — no additional purchase required
Leverage your existing print design skills through a common, redefined interface and tool set
Output Flash files that support high-end typography features
Create SWF files in more than 30 languages, including East Asian languages
Make the most of rich design features including transparency, image manipulation effects, and robust illustration tools
Synchronize Content across Print, Web, and Flash
Take the headache out of creating complex campaigns across media — rich design across media is made possible — and available — only in QuarkXPress!

Not only does QuarkXPress let you create designer-friendly HTML and Flash content, it helps you maintain design consistency across media through Item Styles and the unique Shared Content feature. They keep your headlines, body copy, images, and even vector art the same across multiple layouts and media types with no need for manual updates. You can also place a live, Interactive layout into a Web layout, designing the Flash elements and the rest of the page at the same time, in the same application. Then, with a single click, you can export the layouts into HTML or SWF format!
At a glance
Place Interactive layouts into Web layouts with live updates, and share them among multiple designers using Composition Zones®
Design once and use the content in multiple places with Shared Content
Use Shared Content in a single layout and across multiple layouts, even in different media types
Flash for Everyone
Thanks to QuarkXPress 8, the dynamic medium of Flash is no longer restricted to highly trained programmers. Even better, because every edition of QuarkXPress 8 includes built-in Flash authoring, it’s the only page-layout application that gives you the ability to create rich Flash projects easily, and without having to buy or use a separate application. No more juggling or learning multiple applications — just another example of innovation you expect from superior page-layout and design software.

QuarkXPress 8 follows a familiar, page-based model rather than a complex timeline, so you can build rich, fully interactive communications that include animation, video, and more — using the same application you already know.
At a glance
Take an easy path to producing powerful, interactive communications with our page-based — not time-based — model
Apply more than one hundred predefined actions, easily customizing anything you can place on a page
Integrate video and audio into your designs
Create animation and buttons with ease
Build interactivity through simple pop-up menus and fields
Start producing interactive content quickly and easily, then develop more advanced projects with scripting and expressions
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