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Design Using Dictionaries and Hyphenation in More
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Whether you’re designing multi-lingual documents or repurposing a document from another part of the world, QuarkXPress® 8 offers global publishing capabilities and support for more than 30 languages in every edition.

Virtually anywhere in the world your workflow extends, the new global file format, hyphenation, and spelling capabilities of QuarkXPress 8 mean that you can be sure your team works together seamlessly. What’s more, you can even open, edit, style, and output East Asian documents without worries. QuarkXPress also includes multiple-language user interfaces* that can be switched at will, letting your team members work in the language they choose.
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System Requirements
At a glance
Set type and check spelling in more than 30 languages
Avoid file compatibility issues with the new global file format, supported by all language editions of QuarkXPress 8
Define High-Fidelity East Asian Layouts and Typography
QuarkXPress 8 is our biggest upgrade ever for East Asian publishing! All QuarkXPress 8 users around the world can communicate in the dynamic markets of East Asia with support for Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Users of any — yes any — edition of QuarkXPress 8 can open, edit, style, and output East Asian documents and maintain attributes without worries.

And it gets better. Owners of the QuarkXPress 8 Plus Edition can set up dozens of enhanced East Asian settings, including more than 20 additional OpenType® font features and a user-friendly advanced character spacing (or “Mojigumi”) feature. Moreover, QuarkXPress 8 Design Grids support true ideographic grids with character count and advanced alignment options.
At a glance
Correctly handles Japan’s JIS 78, 83, 90, 2002 encodings
Correctly handles China’s GB 18030-2000 certification
Use advanced East Asian type features in any language edition through style sheets and grid styles
Set up and apply these features and create styles for other users in the QuarkXPress 8 Plus Edition
Use both horizontal and vertical grids
Control character count with grids
Take advantage of the powerful, easy-to-use character spacing (Mojigumi) feature
Design unique typographic layouts using East Asian Hanging Character enhancements
Choose from nine kinds of emphasis marks
Turn off sending for western characters
Reverse the ruler direction and draw boxes from right to left
Balance text visually with ideographic character face alignment support
Apply dynamic ligatures and more than 20 other OpenType features
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